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Zepnick Solutions, Inc. - Industrial Automation Business Solutions provider
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Industrial Vision Systems                                                                  

ZSI Differentiating 

• Robotic Integration
• 2D & 3D Vision Systems
• SolidWorks and Solid Edge Mechanical  Design
• Product Handling &
• Modeling and Simulation
• Data Acquisition &
• Barcode Scanner
• Labeler Systems
• Industrial Scale Systems
• Networked Control
• Servo Drives & 
• Human – Machine 


Member of the Wisc Cheese Makers Association


Industrial Vision Systems - Personalized Automation Solutions, tailored to your Manufacturing and Operational needs.

Zepnick Solutions provides Manufacturing Solutions that Adapt to Product and Process Variability by helping you control your Manufacturing Process.


  • 2-D & 3-D Machine Vision   
  • Quality Inspection
  • Conveyor Tracking
  • Robot/Vision Integration
  • Packaging Cells
  • Product Handling Cells                 
  • Product Guidance
  • Identification
  • Measurements
  • Counting
  • Tracking

           3-D Vision

   Cognex DS Laser Profiler


2-D Vision  


In-Sight 8405 Hand Series


2-D Vision

 In-Sight 7000 Series


Fixed-Mount Barcode Readers 

                                            DataMan 150/260 Series Fixed-Mount Barcode Readers



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