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Zepnick Solutions, Inc. - Industrial Automation Business Solutions provider
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Cheese Industry Solutions                                                                  

ZSI Differentiating 

• Robotic Integration
• Vision Systems
• Solid Works Mechanical 
• Product Handling &
• Modeling and Simulation
• Data Acquisition &
• Barcode Scanner
• Labeler Systems
• Industrial Scale Systems
• Networked Control
• Servo Drives & 
• Human – Machine 


Member of the Wisc Cheese Makers Association


Robotic Cells - Designed, built and tested to meet your personal automation solutions.

Depend on Zepnick Solutions for Expert Robotic Cell Design, Systems Integration, Programming, Service and Support.

  Robot Cells designed to meet your needs.
  • Vision Inspection Cells
  • Palletizing Cells
  • Packaging Cells
  • Case Packing Cells
  • Product Handling Cells
  • Assembly Cells 
  • Press Loading/ Unloading  



  • Designed, Built and Installed to Meet Your Unique Requirements

  • Stainless and Washdown Robot Models Available!  Trust Zepnick Solutions, Inc. for Cost Effective Productivity Improvements.  



Payloads up to 1000 kg.



Stainless Robots - Food Industy and Washdown Units